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Minyororo ya Haki is a political song I wrote after watching common man oppression by the politicians with politricks full off promises they never fulfill use them just to buy powers n wealth while the common man suffers .....utufumba macho ....close our eyes...utuziba maskio...close our ears ...utufunga nyororo ...chain us with chains of tribalism...ukabila....selfishness ubinafsi;;;;,,,,za ufisadiii coruption.....n the common man is crying for his rights .......we all got stand up as one vote change ...n not name...poverty forces us to be weak but we got the change on our hands the vote.........youths are suffering jobless....with bigfishes enjoying fruits of freedom ....they never let us enjoy tooo.....africa...


     DEAR GRANDPA******* *********** it was 3am 8th,july 2011....first two phone calls i did not receive ....then third one i recieved it was my grandpa "'i just called to... More »

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