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Conscious Hiphop: A Tool for Change Last Updated on 2011-04-15 00:00:00   Africas sun is shinning so bright  black faces sweating furiously hustlajay the nyika worrior  i need hiphop my bow my arrow, the  dry lands are thirsty  for rains to quench their thirsty  common man stretching his hands high for the big fish they living upstairs whenever they take a bath our roof leak the voices of african instruments with kicks n snares the african flute. The drums gives us hope a better day is coming …..freedom at last where the national cake will be shared equally the rich n the poor will be one hiphop nation my back ever dusty for wrestling the gorrilla teasting the depth of the river common man uses both his legs and forgets theres tomorrow our sons will stretch hands for more and my one day cast of my right to a black box holds me a victim of circumstance africa africa my people walking dusty bare footed... More »