african slum hiphop

November 30, 2010, 12:28 pm
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 hiphop in africa kenyan coast slum life inspiration meditation n everyday hustles motivation 
draws a clear picture of how we living facing challenges as black people especially the opression 
by the so called system that cares not for the common man youths in Africa are walking hard days 
with cock,...imagine with good papers n qualification after many 
years of education n no jobs depression befalls as only the rich n the ones with God father 
get better jobs with no qualification....this pain beyond imagination under the africas hot sun
i am made to understand that system allows the supply of the drugs....realy amazing 
they take advantage on our votes we perish in slums no future ahead of us....
we as  youths should stand up fight for a better can work miracles to enlighten 
common man,,,,poverty as the worst enemy to n economy of our country eradication should take place
peace love n unity......


Paul, J. (2010). african slum hiphop. Retrieved from


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