hustlajay a.k.a methusela aka swila mchiriza sumu

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born in Arica Eastafrica kenyan coast of mombasa slums wid inspirations of a true black soul living in hopes of a better day using hiphop as a tool to enlighten enducate,the common man in the society african kaya hiphop speaks the true life true streets the hustles struggles of a true black son walking tears of the sun we face hardship in the streets as we hustle for a better tomorrow for true wid systems pressure drug abuse child abuse genocides corruption n civil wars every night forty winks are taken wid GOD as the only guindance n our protection hiphop kaya true streets every soul lives a dream n hope that one day he/she be an icon in the society ..........."minyororo ya haki".....hypocrites    struggle from systems pressure  of a true icon....



Paul, J. (2010). hustlajay a.k.a methusela aka swila mchiriza sumu. Retrieved from

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James Paul (Author) wrote: 08-07-2010 02:13:35